‘Stabalize’- Soil In The Synth featuring Clytem Scanning

February 25th, 2011 by BWadmin

Taken from the forthcoming E.P. 1 . The first in a series of original E.P.’s from London based producer Soil In the Synth. Below is the video for the first track ‘Stabalize’ featuring the inimitable Clytem Scanning. If you like this you’ll also love Clytem’s experimental pop musings.Her debut album’ Armada’ is set for release very soon. In the meantime she has 2 absolutely  brilliant EP’s  available HERE

Soil In The Synth EP .1. due for release May 2011. In the meantime you can check out his Darkstep flavors with recent remixes for Everything Everything’s ‘Photoshop Handsome’ and James Yuill’s ‘First In Line

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January 4th, 2011 by BWadmin

Taken from her forthcoming E.P.  The Mountain Of Too Much due out early Spring 2011

this is ‘In Limbo’

Make sure to sign up to Melody’s mailing list in the next few days if you want to receive a 192 mp3 of this track!Sign up here-no spam -promise!

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June 6th, 2010 by BWadmin

We have a winner with Mexican duo ‘Dead Errant Soul’!

Also we broke the rules a little and gave a second place to artist ‘835′ because we liked his remix so much as well and felt it would round out our package perfectly.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. We enjoyed listening to your mixes and we really appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm.

The single should be out first week of July.
The winning mixes are below:

The winner!
Melody Klyman - Calico- Dead Errant Soul Remix by Blackwingrecords
2′nd place:
Melody Klyman - Calico- 835 Remix by Blackwingrecords

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May 7th, 2010 by BWadmin


We’re having a little remix competition for ‘CALICO’ the 3′rd and final single from the Melody Klyman’s new album ‘Bending The Knotted Oak’. (single artwork below)

We’re looking for a remix that stays within the alternative realm.
Ideally something alternative rock/indie/indie dance/electronica or dubstep-ish or just plain out there will be accepted or if you like  the other end of the spectrum to include downtempo, chill out or ambient.
Please no house, trance or breakbeat. it is nothing against those genres we are just not hearing them for this track (even if you are ;))
The single release will also include an extended alternate version of the original and a radio mix.

While we can’t necessarily promise you  superstardom … the winner will receive a worldwide digital release on the single. They will also receive both Melody’s albums in CD and/or digital format and the rest of the Blackwing Catalogue (albeit small) digitally. The winner will also receive FREE PROFESSIONAL MASTERING of 5 tracks of  their own courtesy of FUNK VAULT MASTERING UK.

SO- if you’re interested we’d love to hear your interpretation.
The release is scheduled for June 28′th SO the deadline is rather soon.
We know that’s not ideal but this contest was a last minute decision. We will need all submissions by Thursday June 3′rd and we’ll announce the winner the following day- Friday June 4′th.

To request the parts please email: info@blackwingrecords.com with REMIX PARTS in the subject line

To simply hear the full length song first you can listen here : CALICO

Please send final submssions through to info@blackwingrecords.com in mp3 format with no lower rates than 192 kbps

Good luck! :)


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February 22nd, 2010 by BWadmin

Melody’s sophomore album is finally out and the response thus far has been excellent.

Please visit our Blackwing  SHOP where you’ll find all links to buy the album digitally!

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